2006_04_sknickslogo.jpgWhy couldn’t we just enjoy the last week of the Knicks’ season? It wasn’t that we expected them to win all the time; we had just hoped to get through the week without more sniping between the players and the coach. Sadly, that isn’t possible and the comments after the game were much more interesting than anything that happened during the Knicks’ 101-82 loss at Indiana.

First up was Steve Francis to complain about his minutes and how he is being used in games. Francis seems to feel that despite his complete lack of effort on the defensive end, he deserves to play significant minutes for this team. Likewise, Eddy Curry is unhappy with his role of late, but doesn’t seem to realize that if got into shape, he might get to play more.

The intriguing question is how will this play out? The Knicks gave up far too much for Curry to give up on him now, so he should be back next year. Francis and Marbury are essentially the same player, so one should be traded, but will anyone want them? It will make for an interesting offseason as Larry Brown has essentially demanded that he gets to choose who stays and who goes this summer.