Did you think beer was bad for all that exercise you do? Well, it's not! It's so good for you that Coors Light is now a sponsor for the ING New York City Marathon! In addition to being a sponsor of the event, us New Yorkers will be "treated" to promotions at bars and restaurants along the marathon route. You hear that? Bad beer to a neighborhood near you!

The marketing whizzes at Coors love you marathon runners, "After running 26.2 miles, marathoners deserve positive recognition and we look forward to toasting their remarkable achievement at the finish line." For your achievement, you can look forward to replenishing your fluids with a beer flavored water, Coors Light. It makes finishing all the more worth it, yeah?

The 36th running of the New York City Marathon is November 6th. No word on whether they will be serving regular Coors for extra carbs at the pre-race meal.