Carl Pavano has to be the most clueless person on the planet. After spending almost two years on the DL and earning $20 million for it, there is a report that his agent is suing him for non-payment of his commission. It seems that Carl felt he deserved $40 million and not the $39.95 million he got, so he didn’t pay his agent.

This brings up an interesting question, could the Yankees sue Pavano? They were expecting 200 innings a year from him and since he has only pitched 100 in two years, how about a lawsuit for 75% of his salary in that period?

And, is he serious about suing over $50,000? We can’t wait until this one goes to trial and he has to explain that. Then again, maybe he needs the money for a down payment on a new car or to help his girlfriend get a new website?

Photo of Pavano tying his shoes by AP/Robert F. Bukaty - he didn't get hurt