Back in April, Cloud Cult played our Movable Hype show, apparently this happened on the same trip:

Although I was practically naked and the place was full of people, I was feeling pretty comfortable. That is, until I looked across the laundromat to my dryer on the opposite side of the building and noticed hundreds of dollars of cash blowing around inside. The image of a few hundred-dollar bills, mostly in singles, blowing around in a glass-fronted dryer, as if on display, felt like a cross between a bad lottery commercial and the moment before a mugging. There was so much cash blowing around, you could barely even see the clothes. I ran to the dryer and frantically started shoving the money into my underwear, trying to pretend that nobody around me was seeing any of this. I spent the next half hour with a giant bulge in my shorts (that had nothing to do with my manhood), hoping this half-naked idiot from a farm in the Midwest wouldn't get robbed.

From Cloud Cult's tour diary on Papermag.com.

Disclaimer: "We" manage Cloud Cult!