All-Star Game; Image:

Major League Baseball released the first update on the voting for the 2004 All-Star Game. The top vote getter thus far is Alfonso Soriano, the former Yankee and current Ranger. Mike Piazza leads the National League in voting for the catcher's position. This could set up the Roger Clemens/Mike Piazza situation yet again, but this time as pitcher and catcher. There's nothing quite like two players that have had their run-ins being battery mates in the All-Star Game. While Piazza would be the starter only if he gets the most votes for catcher, Clemens has to be selected by the manager of the NL team which is Jack McKeon of the Marlins. Gothamist said it before, but with Clemens pitching like he has and now Piazza leading in votes, it looks like they're going to be teammates. Clemens and Piazza faced off earlier this season with the Mets winning in extra innings and Clemens getting a no decision.

Mets' pitcher Tom Glavine, who could be an All-Star this season as well, doesn't think the potential situation will be that big an issue, "Usually, you sit there and spend 20 minutes reviewing the hitters. In the All-Star Game, you spend 30 seconds to a minute. They ask: 'What signs do you want to use? What pitch do you want to throw? Let's go have fun.'" McKeon agrees, saying, "They're professionals, and they'll perform. I don't think personalities will enter into it."

If you're not happy with the results thus far, you can vote now through the end of June. Each person can vote 25 times, but a valid e-mail address is required. When Gothamist goes to games, we like to take multiple ballots at a time, filling out one "home-team" ballot and voting for real on the others. While we understand voting for your favorite players, we don't want to see your favorite players in the All-Star Game unless they actually deserve to be there. The 75th annual All-Star Game is on July 13th.