Alex Rodriguez; Photo: Amy Sancetta/AP

When did it become acceptable to act like a jackass and risk the safety of the players and umpires on playing field by throwing baseballs onto the field. It's one thing to express your displeasure with a call by booing or even cursing, but there was no excuse for the Yankee "fans" that threw balls onto the field in the 8th inning of last night's game. Those that threw the balls last night are no different than Giant fans who threw packed snowballs onto the field in 1995. They deserve to lose season ticket rights and be brought up on charges. The fans at Yankee stadium may not have had the benefit of instant replay, but that is no excuse. What would happen if someone in the upper deck threw a ball that landed in a field level seat? The actions of a few, ruined what was a well played baseball game, and how the real fans are perceived. To the "fan" that Fox 5 reported threw his cell phone onto the field, you're the not only a jackass, but stupid too.

Onto the game. Quite a performance by Curt Schilling and the Red Sox, forcing game 7, something that no team down 0-3 has ever done before. The question that remains is whether they can win the 7th game, or if there will be a redux of last year's Yankees/Red Sox game 7. Who would have thunk that the Red Sox could even force game seven after the Yankees spanked them Friday night to go up 3-0.

Schilling pitched a strong 7 innings, giving up only a solo home run to Bernie Williams in the 7th. His run support all came in the 4th inning as the Red Sox scored 4 runs. Three of them came on a home run by Mark Bellhorn that was initially ruled a ground rule double. That would not be the end of the controversial calls. In the 8th inning, with the Yankees trailing by two, Alex Rodriguez hit a ball towards first that was fielded by Bronson Arroyo, who tried to tag Rodriguez out. A-Rod, however was slap happy and knocked the ball out of Arroyo's hand. The play was initially ruled a two base error that resulted in a run scored, but the call was reversed and Rodriguez was called out.

It was after the Rodriguez play that the madness ensued. Police officers outfitted in helmets took to the field and remained there for half an inning. The series comes to an end tonight as the Yankees and Red Sox meet in game 7 on Fox at 8. Do the Red Sox get a chance to reverse "The Curse" or do the Yankees and the Babe strike again? Slated to start are Derek Lowe for the Red Sox and Kevin Brown for the Yankees.

Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP