The Daily What directs us to their vanity license plate of the day, from NJ. This intrepid license plate, whose message can only be unlocked in rear-view mirrors, eclipses such classic designs as "BEER ME," "CHILL NN," and "2FAT2FLY." The plate was originally posted on Reddit, where a furious discussion still rages about car dealership etiquette.

Reddit user I3lindman posits a possible scientific explanation for the plate: "I read it as Titanium Dihydrogen Hydroxide, but that doesnt make much sense as Titanium typically has a +4 oxidized state which would prevent is from bonding with Hydrogen. You could perhaps get the hydrogen to soak into Palladium or Platinum, similar to a fuel cell, but then license plate would read: 'OH SHdP' or 'OH SHtP.' Those just arent nearly as cool. Such is the classic struggle between science and humor."