The New York Marble Cemetery, smack between Second and Third Streets and Avenues, is gem of Old New York hidden in the East Village. Not to be confused with its sister cemetery, the New York City Marble Cemetery which you can actually see from the street, the NYMC is the first non-sectarian cemetery in the city. It opened in 1830 and holds over 2,000 people in it's vaults. It is also the last place in Manhattan where a person could still be legally buried (the last burial was in 1937 and if you want in, uh, your family has to own a vault).


Formally in a terrible state of disrepair the cemetery has been getting a slow and steady face-lift over the past few years, though all of the construction nearby hasn't been very good for the deteriorating walls. And those walls are important! If you look at the picture above you'll notice that there are no gravestones in the NYMC, only vaults and names carved into marble plaques in the wall. Luckily at the same time as the cemetery has begun improving its appearance, it has started opening up for the public more frequently (Jake went there during last year's Open House New York). But why wait for the open house? It is open from 11-3 on the last Sunday of every month from March to December (that's tomorrow!).

Finally just like the NYCMC, who just had a fundraising event, the NYMC needs money to pay for its upkeep. So, if when you visit (and you will visit... who doesn't like a cemetery?) you like the space maybe you want to get in touch with them about renting it for an appropriate event. There was an adorable wedding there just last month...

The entrance is on Second Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets (next to the funeral home).

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