For the last five years I have been working in Manhattan but living on Long Island. During my tenure here I have never learned to enjoy,or have even taken the time to get to know, the city. I work, I go home. Now, five years later I am tired of people telling me how great the city is without really experiencing it and knowing it for myself. I wonder if you have any advice as to where I should start my real New York City education?
- Born in NY, Blind to its charms


Ask Gothamist thinks New York City possesses numerous charms. We love many things about it, and some of our favorite NYC activities involve going to see live music, hanging out near NY's many bodies of water, checking out the parks, riding our bikes around, looking at art, eating scrumptious things, having drinks with , shopping, learning about NY history and trivia... the list goes on and on.

As for you, Blind Man, why not see if you can spend a weekend day in the city, or stay the night at a friend's apartment, or maybe even get a hotel room and stay for a weekend? If you want to get to know the Big Apple, you should let your interests dictate where to start exploring. Are you a morning person? Have brunch with some . A night owl? Spend the night going to bars and clubs. Sporty and outdoorsy? Try visiting some parks or kayaking on the Hudson. Arty and intellectual? Visit museums and galleries or go to some literature readings. Some good places to look for events and happenings for all of these types of activities include Gothamist Arts and Events, Time Out New York, Citysearch, and the Village Voice. You can also subscribe to weekly e-newsletters such as Flavorpill, which will automatically e-mail you a list of events in the city each week.

One more suggestion: We're not sure what part of town you work in, but if you work in midtown or the financial district or any other business-y area, we suggest you check out some other parts of our fair city. Try taking walking tours of different neighborhoods (look at the "Around Town" section in Time Out New York to find them) - walking tours may sound touristy, but you can learn a lot of interesting facts while exploring different parts of the city.

Have fun falling in love with NYC!