2005_11_schrebet.jpgIt seems as if Wayne Chrebet has played his last professional football game.

The Jets' second all-time leading receiver was placed on injured reserve after incurring another concussion in a career that had already had a few more than doctors would allow someone to risk - reportedly eight of them. High school football players are usually forbidden to play ever again after two.

At 5-10 and 188 lbs., the Garfield, N.J., product walked on at Hofstra and became a fan favorite as he grinded his way into the NFL with great results. "He's going to retire, I don't think there's any doubt about that," said a person who has known Chrebet for almost 20 years. "I think it's just a matter of when he decides to announce it."

Newsday's Shaun Powell wrote that Chrebet should follow the lead of the only Jet whose stats eclipse his own, Al Toon, and do himself a favor retire while he still has his wits and health. Regardless of how Chrebet is feeling, it looks like he can expect a call from Keyshawn Johnson, whom conventional wisdom suggests owes Wayne thanks and maybe even money for helping to maximize his market value in their heydays together with the Jets (1996-99).

Meanwhile, we have no choice but to allow the Terrell Owens-to-the-Jets rumors and suggestions to begin their groundswell. Wherever Owens goes, he will come incredibly cheap. But you do need a quarterback who can get the ball to him first.

Photo by AP/Bill Kostroun