As a studio apartment dweller, I cannot logically have a yard sale to sell my old stuff. I looked into getting a stall at a flea market, but alas, you need to be a professional hawker to get a booth as far as I know.Do you know how the average person can have a sidewalk sale or sell things at a market? I know at flea markets in other cities they have one day a week where anyone can show up and sell their junk. Is there any venue in New York City with a similar opportunity?

A girl with too much stuff

You're not alone in feeling like you have too much stuff. Every time Gothamist visits our mom in her big suburban house with a basement full of crap, she tries to send us home with tons of junk - wicker baskets, a cooler with broken hinges, half-empty bottles of rum, you name it. We then explain to her for the umpteenth time that our small apartment can not fit one more single item in it.2004_06_ask_trashcan.jpg

As you pointed out, a yard sale is simply not an option in a place with no yards. Depending on how much junk you have and its value, you could try a few different approaches. If your old stuff is in good condition but not worth a lot of money, try donating it to your favorite charitable thrift shop. If you think you could get some money for your junk, you could sell it at a flea market but you will probably have to pay $25 - $100 for a space. Are you willing and able to lug all your stuff to a flea market? This probably isn't worth it unless you have some choice items, but you can take a look at the NY Flea Market Guide to find an appropriate flea market if you decide to go this route. A lot of neighborhoods have stoop sales during the warmer months. If you've got a friend with a stoop, combine forces for a big ol' stoop sale - you don't need any special permits. You could hold a sidewalk sale in front of your building without any special permits or licenses, but there are a few caveats: You would probably be wise to check with your landlord before doing this, and you would need to make sure that the sale didn't cause any sidewalk obstructions. If your apartment is located in a high pedestrian-traffic area, it might not be feasible. If that's the case, why not give Craigslist, Loot, or E-bay a try? This might not be as fast as getting rid of a bunch of stuff all at once, but could be a good way to turn some of your junk into cash.

If you just want to get rid of stuff that is not valuable or in good condition - like badly worn furniture - your best bet may be to just throw it out, although even this can have its challenges. Gothamist once tried to get rid of a couch, and we tried everything. No one wanted a free couch when it was posted on Craigslist (it was a hideously ugly couch), and the Salvation Army rejected the couch because of its kitty-shredded arms. We couldn't get the couch down the stairs with two because it was so heavy. Finally we called a "man with van" who had to hack the couch to pieces and bring it down to the street one bit at a time. So we actually had to pay someone just to throw the darn couch out. Yikes.