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If you thought you had to head west to eat a cheeseburger served to you by wait staff outfitted in roller skates or have a window tray placed on your car by a carhop—think again. From a themed circus drive-in in Jersey to a Connecticut drive-in that hosts summer cruise nights, these authentic drive-in restaurants aren't your typical Sonic chain. While en route to your summer escapes, pull up to one of these spots—they definitely beat a trip through a McDonald's drive-thru.

The Sycamore Drive-In (Ali/Foursquare)

Sycamore Drive-In
You can pass up eating inside of your car for a red vinyl seat at this old school Connecticut drive-in restaurant. With 1950s music playing in the background, you'll feel as if you stepped in a time machine as you sip root beer floats and fill up on curly fries.

The Dagwood Burger (Danna J/Yelp)

The restaurant has been open since 1948, and still offers curb service and summer cruise nights. The wait staff may not wear roller skates, but I promise if you order their famous Dagwood burger and a milk shake, you'll understand why the drive to the Sycamore Drive-In is worth the trip.

Stewart's Drive-In
Stewart's is a regional chain with locations in malls and they're known for their tasty root beer. But they also have a drive-in outpost located in Burlington, New Jersey (a half hour from Philadelphia), and it's the real deal.

Stewart's Drive-In (Peter B/Foursquare)

Fill up on root beer, hot dogs and grilled cheese served on hamburger buns. The drive-in is open seasonally from April through October.

Circus Drive-In
Dine in your car or under the tent at this circus themed drive-in located at the Jersey Shore. The Circus Drive-in has been in operation since the 1950s and is the perfect spot for a post-beach meal of burgers, onion rings, and ice cream.

(Jazz F/Yelp)

Head there on July 14th for a Cruise Night or see the Strictly 60s Band perform on July 2nd.

Fence Drive-In
It's not all about the burgers and shakes at this Pennsylvania drive-in, where they serve up fresh seafood. Get in on the action and order the Fence fish sandwich right from your car.

The Fence Drive-In (Facebook)

If you want more scenic dining, take a seat at a picnic table on the water and check out the view of the Susquehanna River.

Guido's Drive-In and Car Hop Restaurant
The wait staff at Guido's Drive-In and Car Hop Restaurant do sport the much-adored roller skates. If you want to take a peek at Guido's without stepping into your car, watch this commercial for the Connecticut Car Hop restaurant.

Onion rings at Guido's (Facebook)

The menu has the standard drive-in fare; dine on fried dough, hot dogs and other fast-food faves that require antacid. Afterward, play a game of pinball in their 50s themed restaurant.

Jumpin Jack's Drive-In
Jumpin Jack's is a bit further than the other restaurants on this list—it's near Albany. If you're heading to the Adirondacks or Montreal, it's worth a stop.

(Corey C/Foursquare)

Not only does this 1950s era restaurant deliver all the comfort food staples to your car including pistachio flavored milk shakes, they also host water ski and fireworks shows.

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