2005_09_sgiantslogo.jpgThis is a team that is clearly on the brink. The defense hasn’t shown up in the first two games and now the players are looking for someone to blame. Antonio Pierce picked on a female reporter yesterday by blowing an air horn each time she tried to ask about the defense. He may have been trying to be funny, but coupled with his suggestion that fans write to Giants.com with suggestions to fix the defense it came off as arrogant. (As a fyi here is the contact info on Giants.com)

This is not the way you want to prepare for a game in Washington. The Redskins have surprised a lot of people by opening the season 2-0 and Jason Campbell appears to have finally ended their hunt for a QB. Clinton Portis is always dangerous and Chris Cooley hasn’t busted out yet, but he could against this defense.

For New York there are the defensive questions and some more injury concerns on offense. Steve Smith is out for a while with a broken scapula while Plaxico Burress hasn’t practiced all week. Gothamist thinks the defense will play better, it almost has to be default, but it won’t be enough and the Redskins will prevail.