Stephon Marbury has done some great things through his career on the basketball court and off the baseketball court. His Starbury line of affordable shoes and apparel, and giving back to the community in Coney Island with Starbury's Give Back Day.

This past Sunday, he went on Mike'd Up on WNBC to talk about his charity work and the Knicks with Bruce Beck (filling in for Mike Francesa). What followed was more than 9 minutes of hilarity.

Some highlights:

- Zach Randolph can make a college three and NBA threes. In fact, he has so many abilities it sounds like he can replace Marbury.

- "Me trying to be the leader of the team, it's to try to convince them of a way, how, we can go steal a trophy. People are going to think we're crazy for talking like that, but if you believe it, you can achieve it."

- "I think I'm going to average like 10 points, like 12, 13 dimes, like 2, 3 assists and about 4, 5 rebounds."

- "Isiah Thomas is a "man's man and he can see the light."

- "We always wanna win the trophy. We call that shiny stuff. That's what the trophy is."

- "I don't shoot for that [the trophy] anymore. I shoot to win because I shoot to win, and that's it."

- When talking about his supposedly frosty relationship with Kevin Garnet: "Yeah we got along. We played basketball together, we didn't go home and sleep in the same bed with each other. We played basketball."

- At one point (7:05 into the video), Marbury gets a phone call, "I'm sorry. That's my better half. That's my better 'ho. My better half, my wife."

Marbury refused to answer Beck's questions at the end of the interview about the upcoming season for the Knicks, but the interview didn't end there. At 8:42, Marbury decides to go a little more crazy, dancing for the camera and distracting Beck, talking all the way through the show's final highlight.

One thing's for sure, Bruce Beck deserves an Emmy for this interview and Stephon deserves one as a special guest star.