2006_01_sbrownpointing.jpgIt didn’t look like a foul and Stephon Marbury certainly got the worst of it getting cut as a result of it, but it was called a foul and that made all the difference. Marbury was whistled for a blocking foul with 1.3 second remaining in the game and the Knicks leading by one. Brad Miller missed the first free throw, but the second went in and the game went into overtime where Sacramento prevailed 106-102.

Before the game, Isiah Thomas met with the press and angrily denied the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. "I did not discriminate against her, I did not fire her, I did not participate in any discussion that led to her being fired. She did not even work for me. I will not allow her or anybody else, man or woman, to use me as a pawn for their financial gain."

Anucha Browne Sanders also released a statement which read in part, "Pursuing this complaint was a very painful decision because I knew it meant I would not only say farewell to my dream job, but that I would probably never be able to work again in professional basketball."

Mrs. Sanders’ complaint reaches further than just the GM. She details a lack of support from the MSG hierarchy and harassment from not only Stephon Marbury, but members of his family as well. It all adds up to a repulsive situation that has ramifications much bigger than what happens on the basketball court.

Photo by Adam Pantozzi via Tozzer.net