2005_12_sbushusc.jpgThe Jets lost again Sunday, falling to 2-10 on the season as they fell 16-3 to the Patriots. It has gotten to the point (after this their seventh loss in a row)
where they are receiving sympathy from their opponents while still standing on the playing field.

So, why is the above photo here?

Because it’s Reggie Bush, and if you don’t know him now, you may get to know him Sunday morning when he is on the cover of every newspaper in America – because it is the safest bet in years that he will win the Heisman Trophy (Bet the farm, the co-op and the kids if you’d like). He averages 8.9 yards per carry over the season. How good is U.S.C.? Bush’s “backup”, LenDale White…has 21 touchdowns to Bush’s 15.

Gothamist acknowledges the classic diversionary change of subject – but it is much more interesting than the game was and the Jets actually have a good shot at getting this guy, and his coach is the same Pete Carroll that coached the Jets to a 6-10 record in 1994. Also, Reggie makes for good photo opportunities – see above and Example B, Example C. Okay, we can all stop drooling until Saturday night.