2004_09_askrockefeller.jpgIs it true that once a year, Rockefeller Center has to be closed to traffic for a day?

As far as we know, the streets around Rockefeller Center are closed each year on the day they light the holiday tree. We called up the fine folks at Rockefeller Center and they confirmed that yes, the streets are closed to traffic during the day the tree is lit each year. They also noted that the Plaza between 48th and 51st streets is never open to vehicular traffic.

By the way, several people have written in to Ask Gothamist about a curious phenomenon in the Rockefeller Center area. These Ask Gothamist readers noticed a large number of manhole covers coated in what appears to be a yellow, sticky substance. We haven't witnessed this ourselves and don't know what it is. If any Ask Gothamist readers know the answer, drop us an e-mail at ask@gothamist.com or post a comment.