My best friend is coming in from out of town. He's staying at a midtown hotel, seeing some theater and wants to do some only-in-New-York things. Only problem is that he's not too adventurous and I can't imagine him wanting to explore neighborhoods like the Village or the outer boroughs. His culinary tastes are limited to fast food: burgers, fries and a coke. Where can I take my friend?

John, Chelsea

Without question you should take him to the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel on West 57th Street. The hotel's marble and mirrored entryway gives way to a tiny, wood-paneled joint practically hidden behind a curtain just to the right of the registration desk. The moment you move from big city elegance to small town greasy spoon is just the only-in-New-York moment you're looking for. Prices are high at most midtown restaurants, since they cater to either a business or tourist crowd. But we're talking about the Burger Joint, not DB Bistro Moderne. A cheeseburger with the works, fries and a diet coke is only $8.50. Beer, milkshakes and some damn good brownies round out the "what you see is what you get" menu.

Your friend might also be impressed by the celebrity autographs on the back wall. We noticed Jack Black's the last time we were there. Depending on your timing, you might catch a celeb signing a brick, which will definitely send your friend home happy.