The people of Minneapolis-Saint Paul are being overrun by huge, inflatable game pieces! Voluntarily, though. The Big Urban Game, aka B.U.G., was created by the University of Minnesota's Design Institute, "To promote visual awareness of the Twin Cities' urban environment, frame new perspectives, provoke fresh perceptions and encourage wide input on how the Twin Cities' public realm design could be improved — from streets to transit to parks and other urban amenities." People vote for and move different pieces along different routes in the city, with the piece arriving at the final destination in the shortest time winning. B.U.G. pieces move between 6-8PM through Saturday, and then 12-2PM on Sunday, but online voting is all the time.

That is pretty awesome. Gothamist imagines huge inflatable pieces on the Staten Island Ferry...or moving down Broadway amidst cabs, commuters, vans, trucks... Please, Mayor Bloomberg?

Play the game here. More about the game here. [Via Mase]

And here is a picture of the yellow piece having flation problems...poor yellow piece.