Frank Gehry designs for the Nets
Bruce Ratner; Photo: NY Post

Brooklyn developer Bruce Ratner manages to bring the Nets to Brooklyn, though not for another few years. Brooklyn residents around the proposed site go into vapors, people wonder about an even more intense Knicks-Nets rivalry, and the Nets players themselves are excited.

Some New Jerseyans say, "Feh" and tell the Times, "It's going to cut down on some of this traffic, that's what it's going to do." Ah, the philosophy of people from half of Gothamist's native land. New Jersey, though, is trying to fight to keep the "Nets" name, in the hopes NJ will be able to get another team to use it. As if the "Nets" is that great to begin with and as if the NBA isn't overexpanded already. NJ Sports and Entertainment Authority George Zoffinger says, "Ratner should name the team after himself. I think the Brooklyn Rats has a nice ring to it." When the Times asked some Brooklynites what the nickname should be, one suggested, "Iconoclasts."

ESPN's Dan Shanoff has some naming thoughts on the Daily Quickie, with our favorite being:

The Fever: Homage to the borough's legacy of passionate sports fans. Bonus: Nod to BK's greatest movie character, Tony Manero. (Plus: "Saturday Night" tickets: Half price!)

Brooklyn is a passionate borough, but perhaps we like it because we think about Christopher Walken saying, "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!" and Will Ferrell convulsing and cowbelling.