2006_04_syankeeslogo.jpgWhen your car gets too old and starts breaking down you get a new one. When your $16-million a year pitcher starts breaking down you don’t have many options. Randy Johnson was mediocre at best Sunday; digging a hole the Yankees were unable to escape from on route to a 6-1 loss.

The thing is, no one should feel sorry for Johnson. He pouted his way out of Arizona and earned a huge contract extension to come to New York and deliver a championship. He started his career here by pushing a cameraman and hasn’t seemed comfortable since. Now he is going to face the wrath of the New York crowds who won’t tolerate his ups and downs.

For Johnson and the Yankees, this has the potential to turn incredibly ugly. Johnson went for a MRI last week and there are no physical problems that can be blamed for his struggles. The Yankees won’t be able to trade Johnson and his enormous contract, so the two are stuck with each other. New York will continue to send him out to the mound, but how many more poundings can Johnson take before they have to change their plans?