What would be the least casual, acceptable dress for men going to a Broadway show? photo by Erin

Nowadays, you can get away with wearing just about anything to the theater. There is no dress code per se. But since you asked us...

Bare minimum? Khakis and a clean shirt. No sneakers, no jeans, no logo tee-shirts. This goes for the ladies, too.

You could spice it up a little. Collared shirt, nice shoes. A tie if you feel so inclined, but that's not really necessary. And this may be the girly side of Ask Gothamist speaking, but why go the bare minimum? Why not use a trip to the theater as an excuse to get a little dressed up for a change? Show your date how well you clean up?

But we know, we know. If you're going to sit for three hours, you might as well be comfortable, right? You can't go wrong in khakis and a decent shirt.