Uh-oh! Corynne from Jossip emailed to say something is afoot in Park Slope: "Please help! There are these little styrofoam balls (i know how it sounds) seemingly falling from the sky all over "south park slope" otherwise known as greenwood heights. Are they from a factory or something? Maybe the building that burned down? we just cant figure it out, and they are everywhere. I can take a picture if you want ... they are literally covering our sidewalk."

Pictures of foam? Count us in! Corynne sent in a bunch-- we've enhanced the contrast slightly for better identification. Now on to the real issue: what the hell is going on?

UPDATE: You can come out from under your couch! Corynne has investigated: "So my photojournalist assignment led me to the discovery of this building across the street that is installing some sort of styrofoam padding. Anyways, there is this huge machine blowing it everywhere, all over the street, on cars, and into our first floor apartment! ... I think this is really wrong to be doing to our neighborhood. We cant even go jogging without choking on this crap."

Conclusion: If you have a mystery you need solved, you can count on us-- especially if you are willing to solve it yourself.