2006_03_sdamonmex.jpgSay it ain't so! The United States has been eliminated from the World Baseball Classic. Great news for George Steinbrenner, bad news for US baseball. Last night in Anaheim (or Los Angeles as the Angels would have you call it), Mexico defeated the US, 2-1. In the loss, the US team only managed three hits off 8 Mexican pitchers. If you're scoring at home, that's a single by Junior Griffey, a double by Chipper Jones and another double by Jeff Francoeur. The loss put the United states at 1-2 in 2nd round play and in a three-way tie with Mexico and Japan. But the same International Baseball Federation rules that put the US into the 2nd round, sent Japan to the semi-finals where they will play South Korea. Cuba will play the Dominican Republic in the other semi-final matchup.

With the loss yesterday to Mexico, Gothamist has to wonder, can the United States win a world title at any level in baseball? The last refuge seems to be Little League. Even then, the United States seems to be guaranteed a team in the finals. Not so in the World Baseball Classic.

Photo by AP via Newsday