2006_05_sslapshot.jpgNow we know why Sandis Ozolinsh played like crap in the playoffs; like Nick Brophy in “Slap Shot” he was drunk on the ice. Yesterday, he was arrested for D.W.I. at 11 in the morning! While drunk driving is never cool, to be doing it at 11 a.m. is just scary. When he was pulled over he blew a .17 on the Breathalyzer. For a man his size that would mean he had to have consumed over nine drinks in less than an hour! That means we can congratulate Sandis on making the Century Club.

Ozolinsh who has battled alcohol problems before will now return to the NHL Substance Abuse Program. If he is still in the program on June 30th, the Rangers will not be able to buyout his contract and can look forward to another season of his defensive ineptitude.