David Wells; Photo: Ben Margot/AP

The Red Sox and David Wells have agreed to a two-year contract worth at least $8 million. Wells, the former girthy Yankee starter will join the Red Sox after one season with the San Diego Padres when he was 12-8 with a 3.73 ERA in 31 games pitched. Before joining the Padres, the 41 year old Wells had back surgery after two seasons with the Yankees. For those two seasons. 2002-03, Wells was 34-14 in 62 games with a combined ERA of 3.95. Wells was also with the Yankees from 1997-98 when he was also 34-14 with a 3.85 ERA, which included a perfect game in 1998. In his career, Wells is 10-10 in his career at Fenway with a 4.87 ERA.

Wells has always been a fan favorite at Yankee Stadium, but with his antics, he could be a perfect target for the bleacher creatures. Pitching perfect games drunk, wearing Babe Ruth's hat during a game and asking for his number, getting in fights, being so round that his uniform is hardly buttoned.

For their part, the Yankees have their site set on Carl Pavano and are reportadly close to a 4-year deal worth $36 million deal. With Pavano, this week's signing of Jared Wright, the Yankee rotation looks to be (in no particular order) Mike Mussina, Javier Vazquez, Kevin Brown, Pavano, and Wright. Whatever the order might be, the rotation is already looking a lot better than last year.

Photo by Ben Margot/AP from MLB.com