Bob Murrphy; Photo: Kathy Willens/AP

Yesterday, Bob Murphy, the longtime voice of the Mets passed away at the age of 79. Murphy was with the Mets since their inaugural season in 1962, missing only two years while he was in Baltimore, and retired last year after more than 6000 games with the organization.

Murphy will be remembered for his positive outlook on the Mets games, which is never easy. In the Mets first season, the team went 40-120 and set the mark for the worst record in baseball's modern era. He made up for the futility with his trademark "happy recaps", which were always a delight and came after wins by the Mets. In 1994, Murphy joined the broadcaster's wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame, where he will forever be enshrined. The radio booth at Shea Stadium is dedicated to Murphy as well.

For us, Murphy's voice will live on in our memories and we will forever wish for more happy recaps.

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Last night, the Mets defeated the Brewers, 12-3 (box score). Alas, there was no happy recap.