Bob Dylan seems to be everywhere lately. The cover of Rolling Stone, the big screen, the small screen, the bookshelf...and of course back to the music. Dylan's new album Modern Times, can be streamed on AOL, prior to it's release on August 29th. AOL's radio station will also begin airing “Theme Time Radio Hour”, Bob Dylan's XM Satellite radio show (at 10am this Wednesday).

Bob Dylan is a radio deejay now?!

"Theme Time Radio Hour” debuted in May 2006 and every week features "an eclectic mix of music based around a theme, with host Bob Dylan offering stories about the music and topics of interest. "

Above is a video of Dylan having fun with words. After the jump is another video of a folk show he was on, filmed in mid-March 1963 at Westinghouse TV Studios, NYC. Watch for him walking by and giving the camera a glance.

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