bloomberg.jpgThe next time Mayor Bloomberg engages in a friendly wager with the mayor of a rival city, he should raise the stakes to something on the order of a Bag Full of Tiffany Diamonds, just to see the other mayor sweat. Bloomberg could certainly afford it, because as the New York Post reports today, the Mayor is also the richest man in the city.

The mayor is worth a staggering $13.6 billion - more than double the previously estimated $5.5 billion - according to Fortune magazine, and more than enough to make a run for the White House a veritable cakewalk for the self-financing politician.

Taking into account voter turnout, margin of victory, and the huge piles of money he spent getting elected, the Post figures that his two terms in office cost Bloomberg $100 per vote. We're not sure if this is more or less discouraging than the days when New York politicians would hang out in saloons all election day buying people drinks.

Whatever it cost him, Bloomberg's mayoral clock is ticking, literally. There is a countdown clock in City Hall that will reach 1,000 days this week, signifying the amount of time left in his administration. It is emblazoned with the imperative "Make Every Day Count".