Kudos to Boston Red Sox fans who made sure Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez's at-bats were awesome photo ops, thanks to the clever purchase of "blond babe" masks. The Post reported that local radio station WBCN wanted "everyone to know we're part of the honest wives' club" by "donning women's blond wigs" and holding "I'm with A-Rod" pole dancer silhouette posters. Brilliant and hilarious! And Mets fans, take note for the next subway series!

Rodriguez, who made it on base twice last night with two runs in the Yankees 9-5 victory over the Red Sox, was spotted buying $6,000 worth of diamond necklaces for wife Cynthia at the Ritz-Carlton. A witness also told the Daily News they discussed the Daily News cover with them both on it, and Cynthia said, "At least it's a cute picture of us." No word if the witness overheard their reaction to the Post cover of A-Rod's stripper friend.

The News also reminds us about a stripper who told Steppin' Out magazine in 2004 that A-Rod enjoyed her company: Mia, who said he flew her around to his away games, explained they met when "He was sitting in the VIP area of the club one night and he asked for me specifically. He likes girls with some meat on their bones, and it's no secret I give the best lap dances in town."

In non-A-Rod news, Roger Clemens' first start will be against the White Sox on Monday. Some people are upset he's not starting against Boston.

Photographs of A-Rod at bat at Fenway last night by Winslow Townson/AP