After three biker deaths in three weeks, New York City cyclists are mad as hell-- and they're not going to take it anymore. At least, that's what they said to Mayor Bloomberg at their protest on the city hall steps this morning. Streetsblog has a good report from the scene:

This morning, in what is almost becoming a sad early summer ritual, one hundred cyclists, gathered on the steps of City Hall after the deaths of three cyclists in just the last three weeks. Led by Transportation Alternatives, the group is demanding that Mayor Bloomberg make the city safer for cycling by developing a plan to modernize New York City's bicycle commuting infrastructure.

Calling directly on Mayor Bloomberg, Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives said, "You took control of the city budget. You took control of the city's schools. Today, our streets our out of control. We need you to take control of our streets."

In the past three weeks there have been four serious bike crashes in New York City, three of them resulting in the deaths of cyclists Donna Goodson, Dr. Carl Nacht, and Derek Lake.

In memory of the bikers who have been killed, Visual Resistance and their cohort groups have been setting up Ghost Bike memorials all over the city. Here's a picture of one of the bikes and a map of the locations of the others:



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All photos in this post by DMo-- thanks, buddy!