Randy Johnson; Photo: AP

The Daily News

is reporting that Randy Johnson has told the Arizona Diamondbacks that he is willing to drop his no trade clause and would prefer going to the Yankees.

Roger Clemens has also echoed the sentiment and would like to play back in New York. These two pitchers aren't pitching for money anymore, they are pitching to win championships and if they can't do that in their respective teams they would like to be moved to a contender.

Now the big obstacle is to convince Jerry Colangelo (Owner of the Arziona Diamondbacks) and Drayton McLan (Owner of the Houston Astros) to trade their two marquee players. While Johnson is likely to be traded for some much needed depth in Arizona, Clemens may not be moved as easily.

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is July 31st, so the next three weeks will prove to be very exciting. Players will start to move and teams will declare themselves buyers or sellers. Johnson is the best pitcher "on the market" so most teams will sit still until he is available or traded.