2006_10_sgiantscowboys.gifThe Giants head into Dallas tonight for what should be a great football game. Both teams are only 3-2, but with Philadelphia and Washington stumbling these two teams are the best of the NFC East. If New York can win, they will improve their division record to 3-0, which could be important in tiebreakers down the road.

To win, the Giants will have to do two things: tame the Dallas defense and keep Drew Beldsoe moving in the pocket. The first will not be easy, Dallas has a great defense that is very hard to run against. Look for New York to try and use quick passes and screens to catch the Cowboys out of position.

Getting to Bledsoe is critical if you want to beat Dallas. Drew has never been mobile and when he is pressured, he tends to make bad decisions. The Giants will hope that Strahan and Umenyiora will be enough to get to him, but expect to see blitz packages if they are unsuccessful.

On a night when the defenses will be tough, this one will come down to special teams play. The Tuna will regret signing Mike Vanderjagt as his late miss gives the victory to New York.