2005_09_sgiantslogo.jpgThe Giants spent most of the game beating themselves, so maybe the refs wanted to get into the action. With four minutes left, the zebras made one of the worst pass interference calls in recent years to cost New York a big first down and a chance to drive for the win.

As bad as the call was, it wasn’t any worse than some of the opportunities the Giants flubbed during the game. At least two interceptions were dropped, a field goal was missed and the Giants showed an uncanny ability to commit crucial penalties at the wrong time. It’s a shame because the Giants really should have won this game. Eli Manning actually had a higher QB rating than his brother and the team rushed for almost 200 yards. Yet, the Colts made the plays they had to and won 26-21.

At least we don’t have to hear anything more about the “Manning Bowl” and see any more shots of Archie and Mrs. Manning. The older Mannings looked like the two most miserable people on earth instead of the parents two of the highest-paid and successful players on the planet. Mr. and Mrs. Manning, do us a favor and stay at home next time your sons play and watch the game there so we don’t have to see you sitting there “suffering” while your kids compete against each other.