2006_3_hatemail1.jpgThe Gothamist mailbag is always an amusing read. Most of the emails are friendly tips, but once in awhile we do get some hate-mail. Remember that silly Opinionist piece we wrote last month about abortion? That one has definitely generated its fair share of negative comment. Take for instance this one, received with the subject line "Jerk!" this morning:

You slumlord, capitalist pig! Carving up female bodies isn't good enough, you have to slobber your dollarclutching gooey bloodstained hands in the pit of mangled decaying flesh to satisfy the vultures of that slimepit, Times Square! How many dead prostitutes will it take to appease your filthy moneygrubbing bastard killer hands! You'd sell your grandmother and her grandmother and the grandmothers of the psychologically sick and morally destitute abortionists to please the mob and the landlord scum of NYC. I hope your dog has an abortion, and your goldfish and that when they exhume you they find that somebody pulled a real weirdo and performed an abortion on you and the landlord you're going to be buried with. Grubber! That's the whole truth, the real reason for abortion, any kind of abortion is the money that buys a casket to hold you and your landlord. God help you. You are the most nauseating version of a prochoicer that I have heard of in 30 years. Get your hands off poor women!

Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but let's get our facts straight, people! The Gothamist mascot is a cat, not a dog, and since he's a boy cat, he can't even have an abortion. So there!