I'm considering subletting my bedroom for a couple of months this summer while I'm away. Is there any sort of protocol I should adhere to regarding preparing my space for a temporary resident (clearing out some closet space & dresser drawers, removing personal photographs, etc)?
Thank you! KJ

2004_06_askkeys.jpgFrom a common sense perspective, it makes sense to remove anything you don't want stolen or damaged. In theory, you'd screen your subletters well, but you never know. It would also be courteous to clear out some space for your propsective tenant. Since it's a temporary arrangement, leaving most of your things shouldn't be a problem, but you should discuss this with your subletter ahead of time. Be prepared to be somewhat accomodating. It's probably not necessary to empty your dressers, but making some space in the closet and putting away some of your chotchkes might be a good idea.

Before you sublet, be sure to ask your landlord. By law, the landlord may not unreasonably refuse permission to sublet, but it's a good idea to run it by him or her, especially if you are in a rent-stabilized apartment. Given the circumstances (this apartment is your primary residence, you will only be subletting for a few months) you shouldn't have any problems.

The city's department of Rental Guidelines has some good tips, guidelines and thins you should be aware of if you sublet. Check out the subletting FAQ and the fact sheet on sublets.