After the early evening drive-by shooting that killed two and injured another on Thursday night, a victim's mother spoke out. Antoine Stokes, 20, and 15-year-old Steven Hill were fatally shot by gunmen in a SUV as they sat on their Bedford-Stuyvesant stoop, while Derrick Henry, 14 or 16, was wounded. Stokes' mother Ernestine said her son was in the wrong place at the wrong time, adding he even worried about the violence in the neighborhood, "I just want you to catch his killer and get these crimes off the street because it's too bad that you have to lose your child over stupidness that he didn't do." Yesterday, the Daily News said that locals were weary of the drug-related violence, with a school principal saying, "There's a street turf war around here. We've been putting up with this for too long."