2007_05_beachrules.jpgWe hope we didn't post this too late, because there are some rules if you're heading to the beach, including some that could save your life. If you're heading to Surf City on the Jersey Shore, do not dig too vigorously, because deposited explosives there could react badly to shovels. If one's in Belmar, obscene pictures drawn in the sand are frowned upon; no word on what the legal status of frowny pictures are. And shockingly, some beaches disdain spear guns.

Read the complete story from WCBS 2 for all the details.

"There are a lot of crazy rules on the beachfront," Mayor Ken Pringle said. "I've been on the job 17 years and I can't ever recall getting a complaint about that. Mostly, it's just someone's Frisbee going where it's not supposed to."

In Wildwood, don't even think about riding a camel on the beach. That prohibition came about because the city's beaches are very wide, and a vendor in 2000 proposed charging people a few dollars to ride on a camel's back for the quarter-to-half mile it takes to get from the boardwalk to the water's edge.

We stick towards the rule around not swimming 15 minutes after lunch, but that has more to do with not tempting fate than good sense. We definitely agree with rule against digging holes in the sand above one's head. We did that once and are glad we're here to advise against it today.