I don't know what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I think most "romantic" gifts seem aimed at women, but I'd like to get him a gift that expresses my love for him. Help! 2005_02_ask_valentine.jpg

Ask Gothamist thinks you shouldn't worry about getting him something that screams "Valentine's Day" - and for goodness' sake, please avoid getting him a giant teddy bear or a bouquet of pink roses. We suggest you simply get him something you'd think he likes. Why not surprise him with tickets to an event or a gift certificate for an activity he'll enjoy? Whether he likes sports, music, cooking, politics, or giant squid - we're sure you can find something suitable in this great big city of ours. What could be more romantic than a day or evening with you doing something he enjoys? We also think you can't go wrong with wine or liquor, and just about everyone likes chocolate. Do the male readers of Ask Gothamist have any other suggestions?

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