One day after scoring 7 runs against the Indians, the Mets decided to vanish and the Mets fielding woes were evident again. Already leading the National League in errors, the Mets rang up three more, brining their total to 57. Surprisingly, Kaz Matsui, who leads the league in errors, didn't commit any of them but the Mets lost 9-1 anyway (box score). It didn't help that they were facing Cleveland's ace, C.C. Sabathia who went 8 innings, scattering 6 hits and gave up only 1 run.

Two of the three errors were made by players out of their natural environment. Mike Piazza, playing 1st, had a fielding error when a ball bounced off his chest followed by a wild throw. Ty Wiggington, playing 2nd base, threw off target to home on a relay. Hopefully, Jose Reyes can make a quick trip up from his rehab assignments to step in at 2nd base. The third error was committed by Matt Ginter when he threw a ball high, pulling Piazza off the base. As for Piazza, Gothamist wonders at what point his deficiencies at 1st make him a lesser liability when he's behind the plate. Piazza has played more at 1st this season than as a catcher.

With the loss, the Mets slink to four games below the ever-elusive .500 mark. Mets fans know that this season really isn't much different than previous ones. Sure, the Mets aren't wallowing in last place, but the errors and the poor hitting are becoming the norm in Flushing, not the exception. Mets pitching has been solid in recent years, but for some reason, they can't improve in the field. You can add a Matsui, but is that any different than a Reyes or a Rey Ordonez? Maybe, but not when you've got a Piazza at first.

The Mets take on the Indians again in tonight's rubber game. Plenty of tickets still available.