2004_06_smets.jpgFor the Mets, the trading deadline represents opportunity and a time for caution. With a 12-game lead in the division, New York doesn’t necessarily need to make a trade, but it may be in their best interests to do so. If, and that’s a big if, a premiere pitcher becomes available, say a Zito or Willis, will Omar pull the trigger? With Steve Trachsel and El Duque struggling and John Maine and Mike Pelfry still unknown quantities, adding another starter would transform the Mets from playoff contender to playoff favorite.

While Mets’ fans are understandably reluctant to trade away top prospects after the Scott Kazmir trade, they should remember that Victor Zambrano was a mediocre pitcher when they traded for him and had nowhere near the talent of a Zito or Willis. That trade was a costly mistake, but it should not prevent the current Mets from doing their best to improve.

2004_06_syankees.jpgThe Yankees are treating the deadline as a big game of chicken. Unwilling, or so they say, to part with their top prospects, New York is hoping that the prices of some of the big names in the trading pool come down over the weekend. Bobby Abreu would be an excellent fit for the team and they could take on his contract in place of Gary Sheffield’s going forward. Adding another bullpen arm with the return of Octavio Dotel in question would also be a smart move.

The deadline is Monday at 4pm. Who do you want to see come to New York?