Steve Trachsel; Photo: Rusty Kennedy/AP

Mets pitcher, and probable 5th starter, Steve Trachsel's season seems to have been derailed for at least three months, as he goes under the knife today for a herniated disk. After announcing the injury earlier in the week, the Mets were looking internally to fill Trachsel's spot, but with Victor Zambrano, the 4th starter, performing poorly, the team may be looking outside the organization for another arm. Matt Ginter leads the candidates internally, while reports say Kaz Ishii could be acquired from the Dodgers for Jason Phillips.

The Mets also parted with Joe McEwing, their long-time utility player this week. Despite his poor play last year, Gothamist will miss McEwing who seems to have played hard every time he was given an opportunity. With five years on the team when he was released, McEwing was the 2nd most senior member of the Mets and the only player besides Mike Piazza that was on the 2000 World Series team.

On the Yankee side, the big news was Jason Giambi being excused from the baseball hearings in Washington. Giambi was excused because of the BALCO case that he's involved in on the West Coast.

Photo by Rusty Kennedy/AP