A good friend of mine just started a blog. Frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing. He comes across as kind of an idiot in the blog, even though he’s normally a perfectly rational person, and he’s started posting conversations we’ve had verbatim! I would ignore it, but he keeps asking for my opinion. Should I be honest, or should I lie and say I think it’s great?
Jane, Upper West Side

This is sort of a twenty-first century version of the age-old question: My friend wrote a novel and I think it kinda sucks; should I be honest or humor him? As long as it’s innocent and all in good fun – that is, your friend isn’t writing anything harmful to anyone – just nod and smile when he asks about it. Even if it’s all just, “OMG I saw Uma Thurman on Lafayette Street on Friday!! LOL!!” If it’s a new blog, odds are only his close and family are currently reading it anyway. If, however, you’d prefer that he not mention you in the blog, just tell him that you’re uncomfortable with being such a frequent guest star on a website that any random person out there might be reading, and you'd prefer it if he left you out of it.

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