Ewerton Teixeira; Photo: Kyohushin Karate

If you're looking to watch some physical sports action this weekend, you're in luck. The All American Open 2004 Karate Championships are at Hunter College on Saturday. The organizers are billing it as "No pads, no gloves, knockdown karate action!!" (FYI, Gothamist's heart rate just jumped after typing that.) Athletes from around the world to face off in men's and women's Kumite and Kata events.

The defending champion, Ewerton Teixeira, has been dubbed one of the favorites to win again. At only 21, the Brazilian Teixeira jumped onto the international scene in 2001 and quickly became a dominant force. Also favored are Atsushi Kadoi, the "Aggressor from Japan" and Eduardo "GenX" Tanaka from Brazil.

All these hokey nicknames got Gothamist wondering what our Karate nickname would be. Check out the Open's website for ticket info.