Can you recommend some fun, unique venues for a bachelorette party in NYC? Please help! I don't want to end up at the Donkey Show.

Ask Gothamist has gotten pleas from a number of people saying "Help! I need to throw my friend a bachelorette party and we want to avoid strippers/cheesy musicals/Lucky Cheng's/half the people coming to the party are pregnant" etc. Obviously, if the party's not a surprise, you should ask your bachelorette for input. If you want to surprise her or she's out of ideas, think about her interests and personality as a good starting point. That said, we do have a few ideas:

Daytime party - If your bachelorette is the sedate type or it's going to be a non-drinking crowd, how about a daytime activity like a day at a spa or an afternoon of high tea? If she's the crafty type, why not try an afternoon of knitting lessons or making pottery.

Dancing - If you think your bachelorette and friends would like to go out and tie one on sans beefcake strippers or bad plays, why not go dancing? Avoid mega-clubs and hit smaller or non-traditional dance spots, like APT, which is known for a relaxed vibe and good DJs, or Lit.

Wine tasting - How about finding a wine event, or wine + food? Check out the Gothamist Wine section for suggestions on where to go.

How about a night of karaoke?

If you've got the space, you can always have a party at your place. If you're having a small number of people, perhaps you could even do a weekend getaway. We know one person who had a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and had a blast.

There's also a slew of "anti-bride" wedding planning books out there - maybe you can check one out at your local library or bookstore for more ideas.

No matter what you do, we really recommend no bachelorette hats, phallic accessories, and so on. We can't imagine that anyone actually enjoys this. We think you can have a good time without wearing t-shirts that scream "bachelorette party."

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