Are you a vacation snob? The ever, uhm, enlightening Times Sunday Styles wants you to know what the deal is with people loudly proclaiming their allegiance to various summer spots with bumper stickers, zip code tote bags and T-shirts. The short answer is that people like to show off. The longer answer comes half-way into the article:

Robert Sapolsky, a professor of neuroscience at Stanford University who has studied primate behavior, said bumper sticker one-upmanship is similar to behavior he has witnessed in baboons. Baboons spend only about three hours of the day foraging for food; the remaining 21 hours of free time, he said, are a kind of behavioral vacuum - not unlike three days in the Hamptons - which baboons pass by annoying and harassing one another to no particular end, creating what scientists call psychosocial stress.

"If you're a baboon on the Serengeti, and you're miserable," Mr. Sapolsky said, "it's almost certainly because some other baboon has had the free time and energy to devote to making you miserable."

So there you have it, people can't help being snobby about where they "summer," they are in a behavioral vacuum. Now while you think about that, Gothamist is going to go and catch some sun in, uhm, Rockaway.