2006_02_scohen.jpgSasha Cohen dazzled the judges with her outstanding short program. Cohen was flawless and took a .03 lead over Irina Slutskaya. 16-year old Kimmie Meissner was impressive in her Olympic debut skating fifth overall. Long Island’s Emily Hughes was solid, finishing seventh overall. Four years ago her sister, Sarah, came from fourth after the short program to win the gold passing both Cohen and Slutskaya, so expect a lot of hype before Thursday’s final.

Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick are doing their best to add some fire to these Olympic games. After finishing second and third in the 1,500-meter speed skating, they held a press conference that can only be described as absurd. Shani is mad at Chad for being a poor sport. Chad is mad at Shani for not racing in their team relay. Luckily, they do not have any more races against each other, though the USOC might want to separate them at the closing ceremonies.

Shauna Rohbock drove the U.S. to silver in the women’s bobsled. It was the first bobsledding medal of the games for the U.S. team. The men’s hockey team lost 5-4 to Russia. The game was meaningless to the U.S. because they already had clinched a spot in the quarterfinals against Finland. The U.S.-Finland game is only part of one of the best days for hockey ever. Canada faces Russia, Switzerland faces Sweden and the two halves of the former country of Czechoslovakia will all fight for a spot in the semifinals.

Photo via NBCOlympics.com