Swin Cash; Photo: WNBA/Swin Cash

With all the controversy swirling around USA Track and NBA players not wanting to go to Athens, it's refreshing to read a story of players that want to represent their country. That's the case with WNBA player Swin Cash and her Olympic teammates. Cash, a former UConn Husky now plays for the Detroit Shock and relishes the chance to play for her country, "All I know is that most people would never have thought I would ever have an opportunity like this, to play for my country."

Frankly, Gothamist don't understand why the NBA players are so reluctant. We understand the security concerns and that if you're over 6' tall, you're not really going to blend in very well, but representing your country really is the opportunity of a lifetime. And it's not like you're not going to be protected. If anything, the members of USA Basketball will be protected more than the average Olympic athlete. Gothamist commends Swin Cash and her WNBA cohorts. We also realize that the the professional athletes in the NBA are in a unique situation and that more often than not, everybody would love to represent their country.

Also, Gothamist isn't sure if there's a better surname out there than Cash. It's perfect for an athlete and we're thinking of naming all our kids Cash. Read more about Swin Cash at her official web site.