jen: i just had an insane cabdriver
jen: actually 2
jen: the second was more disturbing
jake: where were you cabbing from?
jen: "i hear something going to happen at 3:33 today"
jen: from dr at cpw and 72nd back to work
jake: did you ask him what was going to happen?
jen: "because today is 3 3 03"
jake: right
jen: i was contrary and said "well, if something was REALLY going to happen, wouldn't it be at 3:33 am, 'cause 3:33 pm is 15:33 in military time"
jake: right
jake: i mean, it's actually 03032003, which is less interesting
jen: totally
jake: if it was 03030303, that might be something
jen: and nothing at happened 02022002
jake: but then it would be 303ad
jen: or 02222002
jake: it's sort of sad that there can't be a 33333333
jen: well, everyone else dates day month year
jake: because there are only 12 months and 31 days
jen: 30033003
jen: 22022022
jake: right
jake: that sounds like a post to me