Could American Apparel have a better location for their advertising than the corner of Allen and Houston? Their ads in the location has made some members of the community upset and may have caused The Splasher to return from hibernation. And they have the echo-chamber that is the NY blog community talking about their "racy" ads all the time. Indeed, any publicity is good publicity.

They've since replaced the defaced leggings billboard with a new ad featuring a woman and a dog. Since it's getting cold out, they've outfitted the model with a thong-top (thongotard?) over leggings.


Up next for American Apparel for the billboard: Woman, with cat suggestively in her crotch while wearing a nearly see through thongotard. Make it so, Dov Charney!

What do you think the next ad should be at that location. Mock it up and send it to us - photos@gothamist.com - and we'll publish the best ones next week!